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Hit and run buyer

hello, im here just shsaring my gig experience. there is one buyer who saked me to do vidoe calling for 30mins and he said will confirm the order after the call is end. but he block my account right after the call is over. becarefull for you all fiverr seller. i’ve report him but i think that is all i can do. idk what else to do. and for you all the buyer, please dont be this evil, because seller will gave you their best effort to do your orders.

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Do you have a recording of the video call? Or possibly using the call log, you could try contacting CS and seeing if they will accept your evidence of the order and mark it as complete. It is very difficult for Fiverr when you communicate outside of Fiverr which is why it isn’t allowed. Was the gig aimed at providing a video chat service?

yes i did has the record, but he just didnt accept my custom offer then blocked me. he asked for a free call at first then he’ll accept the custom offers, but then poofff he just gone. where can i contacting the cs? and thank you for your response

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I am sorry for what happened to you. I wish you all the best.

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thank you, wih you all the best too. and hope you be more careful than i am

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Just to confirm, did you have an order with this person already? Or was this just through chat?

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If I understand all of this she did video call, communication outside Fiverr. She will be lucky if her account is not closed. Order or no order.

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would that be the case for a gig that would require that, for instance i’ve seen gig where a seller will play a multiplayer xbox game with you

the OP offers a gig where they will text your partner to find out if they are cheating. would that be against TOS (i genuinely wouldn’t know. i would definitely never offer and would probably never order such a service myself, anxiety and all that)

video call … where ? you’re only allowed to communicate on fiverr

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vidoe call on hangouts and chats on fiveerr messages

my fault is he didnt accept the offer at first and i already called with him.

yes, and fiverr just sent me my first issue review on email about TOS

my purpose to share this is to tell other seller, do not trust buyer easly, please learn from my mistake.

So you broke TOS. You can’t communicate outside of Fiverr, unless it is necessary to complete an order. In which case, you didn’t have an order. Don’t be surprised if your account gets closed.


whether you accept offer or not you are not allowed to take communication out side of fiverr, you violated TOS by doing so…

Edited : Unless its necessary to complete your fiverr order !

You can take communication outside of Fiverr as long as it is necessary to complete the order.

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and it sounds like the video call or whatever it was was the service itself, not to communicate about the service, which took place via fiverr message. so the buyer ran off with a free service?

yes he is, but its all fine, i am learn my lesson today.

yes he is, and i’ve learned my lesson today

yes i’ve learned it now

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