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Hit my 200th 5 star review in first 3 months


I want to thank everyone in the Fiverr community that have been so encouraging and positive which has given me that extra motivation to keep pushing and grinding when times got tough. If you put your mind and heart into something, anything is really possible. After not receiving many orders in my first few weeks of joining Fiverr, I wasn’t even sure this would work out for me. But with all the awesome people here I listened their advice and kept on grinding! I just hit my 200th 5 star review within the first 3 months of selling on Fiverr! On top of that, I am about a week and a half on earning my level 2 badge! Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:


congratulations to you


You’re doing something right, just keep doing it and finding ways to improve your results for clients.



Thank you very much!


Appreciate it, I’m definitely putting in long hours into the early morning but paying off!


You are doing great work! Keep it up.


Thanks my friend! :slight_smile:


Congratulations :muscle:


I appreciate that thank you very much!


You just gave me a boost, George. Thank you and congratulations!! That’s a wonderful accomplishment.


Wow congratulations :heart_eyes:


Yes! Thank you that’s exactly what I said :wink: