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Hit & Run Buyers - What Is Going On !?

Hi Fiverr’ss

This is my second post as to why this new phenomenon keeps happening?
Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.
Really nice respectful customers buy your services and then pooooof!
You never hear from them again…the clock runs out. Some have had a revision some don’t ask.
I have a thick skin but I don’t have the steels to ask the customer why they basically have no manners, in fear of a bad review. Just to add it’s only a small percentage.


I usually say:

"Oi! What the hell do you think you are playing at? Isn’t there at least one brain cell rattling round in there? Get back here and blooming communicate!"

Thankfully, buyers can’t actually hear me curse them (and I don’t actually write that).

As it is, a lot of buyers go communication AWOL. You learn to just get used to it.


Ha… we just need an auto nudge added when they actually download their file.


Have you ever bought something you will actually use for something important?

If I wasn’t a seller who knows the importance of reviewing other sellers, I doubt I would review at all.

When I get my delivery I focus on using the delivery, not on giving the seller some warm and fuzzies. If it’s something bigger it’s sometimes ages later I leave a review.


It depends on what it is. Some things don’t require communication and some things do.


I guess, when im at the check out at Wally World every one says thank you maybe I’m old fashioned


The days when everyone had good manners are long gone. And where do you live that everyone at Wallyworld says thank you? It must be Tennessee, W. Va. or Louisianna.


It’s not the review it’s feeling I did something wrong. Your right I buy stuff all the time on Amazon and never leave a review. But then again Amazon does not have the human contact you have on Fiverr.


Florida lol your smart

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Then it must be a place with lots of Florida natives. If they are over 40 they still have the native Floridian manners.


Ha , I’m from England , you can be run over by a car and we still apologize for getting in the way. That’s manners


I love that about UK.

Many places in Florida it’s normal to keep going if you run over someone.

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Yeah , pedestrian right of way. Never got that

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Human contact is overrated.
Have you met humans?


Yeah, very annoying at the best of times

You clearly haven’t lived there for a while. Either that or you’re from Hertfordshire.


I had a completely different experience! I loved Florida and I was in a very non-touristy area. Everyone was lovely.


Sutton Coldfied. West Midlands Birmingham

I’m so relieved and surprised to hear that. It probably depends on the area and how many transplants live there from other places.

Brummy ey? I’d take Florida any day! I find it interesting how many Brits on Fiverr are expats. It seems like us Brits make a beeline for self-employment when we take to the seas.We should start our own Fiverr expat forum!

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