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Hit the $5,000 Mark today - How did I do it

First of All.

I am doing this to motivate new sellers, Not to show-off or any other thing. My previos post on How did I get my first $3,000 got many people talking.

It took me few months to get where I 'am now. My average gig is $40.05 and My highest Gig is $300.

If you are new to Fiverr and getting few sales. This is what I did to get more leads.

  1. Reply to your reviews. Normally after the buyer leaves a Feedback on your gig. Most people just rate “Good buyer.” However, I went beyond that. I explain the project we did for the client and _congradulate him for the future success.

  2. I advertise my products outside Fiverr. I have few sites (Fiverr don’t allow to add the links). and I add links to my Gig on those websites.

  3. Talk about your gigs. I normally talk about My gigs with Friends, Clients and anyone who is intrested in my gigs.

  4. Cross Sell your products. As an example, If you designed a website for a client. Just see, you can sell them Digital marketing services too.

above are few things work for me. Might not work for everyone.

Good Luck selling.

Don Hesh - Fiverr SEO Consultant


Why is the review count so low ?

I do $100 to $300 Gigs…

Hi donesh,
I wish you all the very best with your venture.
Well what do you think about using Facebook ads for Fiverr gigs?
I understand that FB ads are costly but I’m talking about gigs that I can sell for $100-200 in range.
Thanks in advance.

Can you tell me some of the sites you advertise your gigs on ? It will enable me to get buyers for my gig since am new to Fiverr.

great inspiration…Highly encouraging!

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My Gigs are very High value. Most of them are $200 - $300 range.

Mmmmm. Fiverr already advertising on Facebook. I think. Fiverr is already getting buyers to the site. You need to make your Gig more sales oriented.

All are my Sites and Blogs. Fiverr don’t allow me to add them here.

Great job. I’m new to fiverr and have been here for 45 days now. I’ve already completed over 25 gigs but my prices are $5-50 but I am very appreciative of it since I’m still new.

Good luck on your success and I wish you the best in the coming weeks as well

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Well I hate to break it to you but the OP hasn’t made another sale in years.


Yeah, I didn’t realize how old this post was

It just goes to show that maybe some people are here for a sprint not prepared to go the distance.

Everyone is quick to celebrate milestones and share their “secrets to $500”.

I actually love seeing old threads where people where like “look at me” and now their profiles are gone or idle.

Not because I enjoy people failing, it’s just a nice reminder that consistency is key.


Really liked your idea about leaving a more detailed review.

Yes, Because we start an agency and running my own startup now. But still find time to help people when I can. Don’t judge people mate…

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I’m still alive and doing more tha 5k per month with our new agency and startup. Happy to help any new sellers anytime. Ask me anything. Fiverr is a great platform to start your agency.

Mate don’t judge people like that. Thinking. Everyone who haven’t made a sale fail. We moved to a bigger platform and have clients around the world now. Also. I’m still helping new comers much as I can.
Also, I’m alive not dead.

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That’s great, happy to hear that your still making progressive moves. I hope to someday reach the levels you are right now. Question, how do you progress from a freelancer to starting your own online agency, isn’t transition expensive?

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Keep working on your brand while you work on Fiverr.
Never forget where you started from.


This post totally inspires me. Although, I see that your Gigs are high in price in compare to mine but I’m totally counting on the huge demand of services I sell. Thank you for sharing.

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