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Hit the ground running

I used Fiverr 8 years ago for the first time. Then I didnt for a long time. I just recently came back to start writing on Fiverr and was literally overwhelmed by the sweeping changes.

The way one creates gigs, the community, the value adds everything was new and seemed - well good! very good!

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the enormous growth and the arrival of tons of talented folk, I started one step at a time. I Activated my old gigs, created new ones, started participating in the community activities, reading the blogs and well now I’m waiting - which is the most important thing - having patience.

So to all the new sellers out here, and the ones like me who woke from a slumber - keep calm and wait on.


Well to be honest, nothing comes by itself. And all successful businesses never just waiting for clients and orders to come through, they are working hard to attract their clients.

Ofcourse… I’m engaged myself in doing things to get more visibility and credibility… but what I meant by “waiting - the most important thing is having patience” is: Not lose my mind over not getting clients quickly :slight_smile:

Welcome back and best of luck to you on your renewed Fiverr journey.

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Hey, it’s nice to read through such accounts. Although, I am absolutely new here, this gives me the confidence of being in the right place :smile:
Working towards it like @mariashtelle1 mentioned above & being patient about it too like you said!

Good vibes across the screens.

Cheers & all the best,

Welcome back to Fiverr Community…

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Yes, patience is one of the anchor attribute needed to attain success. I wish you success.