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Hitleap and fiverr fake web traffic sales post stories [ARCHIVED]

fiverr is getting bad reputation from me and other people that buy service from the web traffic service, how fake of bs services that come from the web traffic service, autobots, auto webpage rotors, and fake clicks.

Please [DO NOT] post stories about the crappy web traffic services here and give sellers names… [Admin Note: Posting names against forum rules, report names to Customer Support]

When using these services you need to monitor the traffic, use your website latest visitor log and look for user agent "" from http://********** and time of clicks, use http://*******

Hi there,

I guess everybody understood now, that you have been ripped off…


  • you don´t have to post this again and again everywhere in this forum

  • It is not Fiverrs fault. You haven´t bought anything from Fiverr. Fiverr sells nothing. It was a deal between you and a seller. Cheaters are everywhere. “If a car is crap not all cars in this world are crap” (btw. If a service is crap, there are lots of possibilities to get this fixed. Did you try that, using the tools Fiverr offers for that?)

  • One scam seller does not mean that all sellers are scammers, that Fiverr is scam (and for sure not all traffic offered here is crap)

  • “give sellers names” etc is not allowed here in the forum, and this makes sense. In some kind of “court” the judge has to be neutral. You are the accusant, you are not neutral. CS is the neutral instance, not you, not your forum post, and a solution has to be found in private (CS Ticket), and not in public.

  • Did you act correct? I am a bit surprised about your “analytics / logfile” hint. This is absolute beginners stuff. If you have a website, you have to track the stats. That´s Kindergarten knowledge. If you would have used your analytics directly after the delivery has started, you would have seen immediately what kind of traffic you receive, and you could have initiated measures to solve that.

Fiverr has great functionalities to be protected from bad sellers or bad buyers. Just use them!

Obviously you did nothing of that, instead you are moaning here around and promoting your website. That´s another “no go” here.

Think about!