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Hiya, Im new to Fiverr! ANy Tips!

Hey! I am a new seller here, The community looks very inviting! I have one gig! I am an Illustrator. Currently in training in University. and Tips on how to get started? it would be very useful!


You need to remove your off Fiverr portfolio link as it is not allowed.

Check this out: for the approved list.

Suggest you check out the competition in your category re pricing, as new sellers usually lower their prices until they move up the levels.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the Fiverr Community Forum :slightly_smiling_face:Try to active .

Hi, @samuel_wallace
Welcome to fiverr forum.
You have just one gig buy try to create more gig and try to make your gig more attactive, usable, all needed content, And try to add a video in your gig. And important part is share your gig to your social media.
I hope your gig will rank.
Thank you