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Hiya! I'm Tari, and I'm very new! xD

Hello there! I’m Tari. :smiley: I decided to try fiverr over the summer because all the jobs I’m interested in somehow think if you’re just barely under 18 you should not be allowed to touch anything, even though it’s perfectly legal to work at 16 and I’m 17 and would very much like to start saving up for life stuff (like college or my first house or a new laptop) instead of wasting away doing nothing during the summer.
Here’s my first gig. ^^ I may also put up one for voiceovers or vocal tuning in the future.
I’d really appreciate it if you could support me!


How would you like us to support you? Shall I send you a digital cup of coffee? Do you need a plane ticket to Fiji? Do you need help building a survival shelter?

Perhaps you could be more specific. :wink:


Haha. Well, all of those would be nice. :wink: But, what I really mean is that I would love it if someone took me up on my gig. I know it’s very unlikely since it’s my first, I don’t have an English degree, and I just got here, but doesn’t hurt to mention it! :slightly_smiling_face:

The only people who will ultimately place orders from your gigs are the people who need those services. Are you reaching out to the people who need your services?

Yes. I bet there’s a better way to do that, though.

There might be. Have you done any research to determine what those better ways might be? :wink:

I’ve seen a few people say things about the Buyer’s Request page, making multiple gigs for the same thing, and a portfolio, but I’m not sure where the Buyer’s Request page is.

You’ll find the Buyer Requests page via the “Selling” drop-down" menu on the top navigation of any Fiverr page.

Hiya, Tari! :sunglasses: Welcome to Fiverr & The Community! :tada:

There are other young sellers around your age @youssefkamel and @bradencollins10 that are doing exceptionally well on this platform.

Very ambitious! :clap:t4: It’s always good to see young entrepreneurs. It definitely beats sitting around playing :video_game: Zelda or Clash of the Titans all day. :smile:

More info about BR. (Note: as a new Seller you’ll only see a few requests)

All the best with your Fiverr Empire and making :moneybag:.

Wow, very generous of you. :stuck_out_tongue:


This part isn’t really as likely on the forum since the forum has only one place to advertise (in My Fiverr Gigs) and not many buyers find their way to that spot. The forum is really primarily for meaningful discussion, not sales. To stay within the forum rules, you’ll want to keep any requests for orders in My Fiverr Gigs.

You don’t need one of those! Just the skills that you would need to work on one. :slight_smile:

This seems plausible, along with words of encouragement. Here you go and good luck! :coffee:


yes, that’s the things

Hi, Tari Welcome to fiverr & the community :evergreen_tree::sunny::smile:

Hi, Tari Welcome to here in this workstation.

Thank you. I appreciate it!

Thanks so much! :smile:

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@fonthaunt Okay! Thank you very much. :smile: :coffee:
Thanks for the welcome, @haiabdul22 and @umair_ashraf70!