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Hlw everyone I am a new seller on fiverr

Hi there,
I am a new seller on fiverr.I am skilled with MS EXEL,Office.But I want to increase my area.I don’t know what more skill should i gain to be a virtual assistant.


The question is why do you want to be virtual assistant? Will it help you somehow?

You said you are skilled in Excel so why don’t you increase your expertise in Excel? Excel and Numbers are worldwide used applications by almost every company in the world but companies do not look for data entry in sheets mostly.

Can you create Excel macros, can you program in visual basic?

There are courses available on web that would help you to gain such a knowledge. Of course, it’s not for free, in most cases knowledge cost money.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are here with interesting discounts on courses. Why not to join some?

Good luck!

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Welcome to fiverr world

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welcome to the fiverr community best wishes

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Thank you for your appreciating reply. Yes,I have started to learn exel macros.Thank you

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