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Hmm.. I can not give my thumbs to my own comments?

Usually I like to give my thumbs to my own comments hehe :slight_smile:

hehe :-q NO, here on the Fiverr forums other REAL people have to actually think what you have to say is worth a crap to get an occasional thumbs up. Stop Spamming and maybe you might get a REAL thumbs Up some day!

I would like to give your comment a thumbs down but that can’t be done either. At least your spam is gone, so far.

hi, thank you for comments… sorry for it ;( I just don’t know where I should write, now I know where I should write, I should write in “forum” and then click “my fiverr gigs” :slight_smile: but I still don’t know how to delete my previous writting … may one of you tell me how to delete it ?