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Hmmm... I am confused


Hmmm… I started off yesterday for the first time on the Fiverr Forums. In two weeks I had just sold my first gig and I was extremely excited, thinking this was awesome and automatically posted something about it:

Then I started reading other posts, about how in their first month they sold like thirty gigs… Is that average? Am I really behind? If yes, please check out my gig and tell me why I am not as successful…

Please comment, I don’t know how to feel right now, happy with my sales success, or sad because they are that bad… Maybe somewhere in the middle? Please don"t just read and go to the next one because I almost feel like giving up on Fiverr. (SO SORRY IF I AM BEING WHINY)


Reply to @madmoo: Thanks for the advice. I will wait and see how it goes.


30 in first month is pretty rare, but 10 or so is normal. Besides the suggestions above you need to diversify your gigs. Add more services and you will sell more.


Besides being patient, make you gig look attractive! Show that what you offer is different and that you care/love what you do. Add personality!

You are not going to get the same results as other people and you need to get comfortable with that and know that you will flourish in your own time and way.


Friend,Don’t worry about this because the first thing is get the first order…You got it ! :slight_smile: .now you can do simple steps to get more sales…use a clear and great description,use eye catching images and video,share your gig on social networks,specially on groups…also offer a good service,so the previous customers will come to you again and they will tell to their friends also about your service…Good Luck for your fiverr Business !


It depends what you offer, really. Depending on your niche’ and how you market yourself will depend on the order count. The more high in demand your service, the more chances you will to get a potential order. I recommend adding a video even if you feel a video isn’t necessary to your gig, videos seem to rank better when on Fiverr and that means more potential exposure and orders for you.