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Hmmm level 1 seller and have 13 active gigs?

I probably shouldn’t be broad casting this however I want to know if this is an issue / don’t want my other gigs to suffer.

I am a level one seller… I have now got 13 active gigs… Is this right I thought I could only have 10



I only see :one: :two: active gigs on your profile? :thinking:

But still, that is two too many. It must be some kind of :bug: . Enjoy it while it lasts. However, if Fiverr notices it they may take down whichever two they choose. So you may want to pause 2 of them yourself before they pick your best seller to remove. :wink:


Enjoy the fiverr bugs until they fix it . :joy::grinning::grinning::grinning::wink::wink: