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Hmmm...where should i start?


so i signed up for Fiverr a couple of weeks ago and ordered my first gig, everything was fine and dandy, then i ordered a few more. Some went well while a couple were a waste of time (but not too much money), so i moved on…

A couple of things annoy me as heck are the fact that you have to use a description and write a minimum of…(what?!)…unbelievable. So let me get this right…in order for me to spend money i need to tell you about myself now? hmmm…let me think about this for a moment…k…thought about it and nop…i am too busy for this s—t (edited by writer) and simply not interested. I want to spend my money, get what i need and get the heck back to playing my addictive apps.

For some odd reason, whoever designed this site decided, they also want my photo, and since i don’t want to amaze you with my infinite beauty and did not post one, i need to constantly stare at an “incomplete profile” message in my inbox without the ability to say “thanks but no thanks”.

when i wanted to share my thoughts with you (which if i you are still here i am very thankful for your time and attention…), i found this forum only to find out i had to “Fiverr connect” (what?) to start posting… am i missing something here? is this a new language? well…either i am getting too old and everything annoys me, or you are with me on this.

Feel free to let me know if i am becoming an old and grumpy fart or i make some sense to some of you.



follow up: i decided to post my photo after all to get rid of this annoying message. hehe :slight_smile: