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Hmmmm seems like Fiverr have changed it's algorithm again


Seeing so many newbie gigs ( i mean gigs with less than 100 reviews ) on the first page and old gigs pushed to the bottom page and some of them to even second and third pages.


I think that they have spent the past month trying to adjust the algorithm, and finally accomplished that for the most part. But this week is on track for a record low number of orders.

In the past 30 days it started out very slow, then picked up, then went back to very slow.


There are many errors here.

If you expect tarffic from gigs.
You will be very difficult if your service is in press down.

My suggestion is to use sales channels like email.

So when your gigs are down, you still have traffic and sales


I can’t understand that why Fiverr again and again change their algorithm.


Like most businesses, they are growing and improving their site. This happens in the real world. We may not like it, but it is how business works. You are going to have to learn how to keep up with Fiverr’s changes if you wish to be a successful Fiverr seller.


I imagine it was not working properly and was happy to see that it seemed to be getting corrected but now the entire thing is in flux again, so the original problems are again happening.

When so many will have a change in their level, it’s like a giant explosion.


You are right. It would be giant explosion.