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Hold fiverr time mutually!


My client order 5 day work and out of city for few days then! I was stuck with some unclear things but he never reply…
he’s back after 4 days and I have only one day and he wants me to wait for 2 days!
This way I’ll be late for order delivery but he wants 2 days to think on other idea…!
what can be solution not to be late? and also hold order time?
he is old client and we both are agree on extending time now ?
Help ?


Go to the order, click on the ‘Resolve Now’ button below that pretty pic of you and your buyer top right, ask your client for a time extension, he can accept that then.


Let me check that option :slight_smile:


Oh you are savior @miiila :slight_smile:
Thank you!
sad thing is he stop replying again :smiley: hahaha


Lol well there´s only so much you can do. Hope he´ll become more talkative soon then. :wink:


hahah :smiley:
resolution center hopefully help here :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll be carefull next time :disappointed_relieved: