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Hold on just a cotton pickin' minute! [interesting nonsense plus banjos]


This is rootin’ tootin’ good stuff.

Unfortunately, some 13 year old upside downers may get ideas from the word “rooting”. But then they think thongs are footwear so w/e.

Anyway if you like Neil Young you’ll like this. I suspect Neil isn’t quite “with us” though.


This doesn’t have enough material to even create a tangent out of it. But since you mentioned ‘nonsense’, TTP has been cancelled, “yayyy!” I guess?


Who is this guy? A famous musician or something?


I will make a note to only post about Bollywood and India in future so that you may fruitfully tangent out of this and recognize whatever it is I’m posting. I do actually have some super over the top YT clips to share (which you two are probably very familiar with anyway).

It’s good that TTP has been cancelled though. That’s at least one Tangerine Dream motion I can support. But what will he do to shock, horrify and delight the teeming masses next?

There’s the tangent, boys. Run along with either thread!


Its Neil Young. Man, you cannot get much more famous than that. Go and listen to Rockin’ in the Free World, and forget about Biff spewing nonsense for a few minutes


Speaking of which, did you know you can buy latex Trump face masks and lifesize cardboard cutouts on Amazon?

I am considering getting both in order to troll a lot of tourists visiting this part of Greece later on in the year. It’ll be fun, until it isn’t!


Have you seen the cover of Der Spiegel


Just looked! Controversial (and forum inappropriate as it will upset all the 13 year olds).

I wonder how long it will be before something happens to him.


I would not be surprised if he quit, cos you know, he likes to #GetSh*tDone, and is being told to fookit. I seriously do not see this lasting four years.


Are you sure that’s not a sex fetish thing?


Lmfaooo the title of this topic though


It could be! I mean, I’m quite tempted to get the lifesize cardboard cutout here (the reviews are hilarious BTW) but I’m wondering how it will ship out here (and iff it will survive the shipping process!)

I picture myself putting this in inappropriate places, taking it out to the bar with me and all that sort of stuff. It will annoy a lot of people :smiley: However, £34 (uh…$45?) is a bit steep for what is just going to be a source of mild amusement.

The masks are cheaper, and some of them are rather terrifying. But they would team up nicely with this:


Q: Bit of a strange question but is there an opening at the crotch as partner is bit worried on how easy it is to go to the toilet wearing it?
A: Hi [name], unfortunately not. Regards

That seems like a major design oversight…

I could probably do a Fiverr gig around this! “I will be your Donald Trump writer” or something. Obviously, the idea needs some refinement…


It’s cheap for a virtual sugar daddy :slight_smile: How do they ship those things anyway. Local Greek postman on his scooter might have problems.

There’s definitely a gig in there somewhere.


I am really going down an Amazon wormhole at the moment. They have that ghastly red cap and a whole bunch of terrible t-shirts, too! Like a “lock her up” one and a “build the wall already” one.

Must. Resist.




In Germany´s Carnival epicentres you can easily find someone running around like a real life furry from November through February, carnival season is long. Oh well okay, not that easily but still, nobody is going to bat an eyelid if they see a bear or a unicorn in the subway.


I know! I’d be wearing this as a joke at the bar, so having a potty opening is pretty much vital for my comfort!

This is also why I don’t own a onesie. There are so many fun designs, but who wants to practically get undressed every time the call of nature rings out?


I definitely want the teddy bear costume. I wonder if that has a pee-hole though? Maybe you should ask.

Internet rabbit-warrens are great at the time until you wonder where the hell your day went. Thanks to you, I now know I can buy wolf urine (chump might enjoy that from what i hear), and a whole fresh rabbit (already dead, might be a bit smelly by the time it gets to you).


Wow, you can buy wolf urine online?!?! I can already think of many annoying pranks to do with a vial of (I presume) stinky scent.

Truly, we live in a miraculous age.

The teddy bear costume apparently has bad feet that fall off, so you could use some sort of funnel for weeing. I doubt they have a convenient pouch.


@taverr Thread hijacking :confused: But the OP hijacked it. Now whats this called by definition.


Ts, I didn´t want to edit that post, just add something, wth. But whatever.

Maybe…Neil Young was a closet furry. Tangent.