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Hold on just a cotton pickin' minute! [interesting nonsense plus banjos]


Urine for a great time with these search results! I would like to know why there are so many gentlemen’s products and none for women (NB: I skimmed, so I may be wrong). That’s sexist. But the 1-star reviews are GOLD:

The product is made of cheap plastic and unfortunately the lid was certainly not leak proof as described. I found carrying the bottle to the bathroom whilst on crutches would invariably end up in me covered in piss.

EDIT: there’s a pee funnel at the bottom. I have a problem with this product. It’s going to drip once you’re done, and you have to carry it around with you. I don’t know about you guys, but this is a dealbreaker for me.


What the hell are you up to :joy: Thats hilarious. I didnt even know these things exist.


Tangent: title. Hold on.


As the OP, this thread is designed to be tangential. Which reminds me, I’m meant to be sharing over the top Bollywood videos for some of our more fussy Indian contributors.

Let’s do that right now! Stuff like this:


I think men are used to this happening though so probably not a problem.


I would think that you would want to team up the pee bottle with some pantyliners or incontinence pants just to be safe.

There are some amazing reviews on the Tena line of products (e.g. extra large Tena review “they were really big and that surprised me”)

The pee funnel’s 1-star review is, uh, kinda detailed (with an amazing plot twist! I suspect it is not genuine, but they did buy it…):


The horses, Ouch. Ouch? (20 characters)


There’s another one which is like the Indian Terminator, but it’s also a bit Matrix-y.


Dear Emmaki:

What do you mean by TTP?

Are you talking about TPP? Trans Pacific Partnership?

Is this one of those “alternative facts” I keep hearing about?

Thank you,


I did mean the TPP, but acronyms confuse and bewilder me.

Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura isn’t just a nasty blood disorder, it’s also a great spelling bee word(s). In fact, attempting to complete this Hell-tier combination may just give you TTP.


After living in Germany for 16 years and in Köln, I will miss Carnival so much this year.


So the lady :poop:ed in it rather than going no.1??


It was a guy, too! A guy using a female pee funnel to :poop:



I think I’ve missed a bit, and have no idea what’s happening now!


Some guy :poop: in a womans pee cup…


See the bad review.


Oh dear God above - it makes the unending bottles of pee on the M6 seem quite pleasant - I’m sure we didn’t used to have them either!


I love southern music, but that video from Neil Young is the most horrible thing I have ever seen.

Here’s something better:


Not sure if this thread needs moderation or if I should just pretend I didn’t see it