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Holding Sellers and Fiverr Accountable

I ordered from a seller (removed) on Thurs, 8/28. I received an email from him on the 31 (the day it was to be delivered) that he was still working on it and would have it to me in a couple of hours. I received nothing, even though he marked it as delivered. I sent him a message, no response, 2 more messages, no response, and there was no way to leave him any feedback. Then on the 1st is was marked as complete, still no order, no response, and no way to leave feedback or hold the seller accountable. I’ve reported it to Fiverr through their email system, 2 days ago and again yesterday. No response yet from them, no other way to contact customer support or the seller.

I know you get what you pay for, but if a platform like this is going to work at all, it seems like they need to do a much better job of handling these problems. As it stands now, the seller has an excellent rating and scammed me out of a white board video. Yeah, it only cost me $5, but that’s not the point and how many other $5 has he gotten the same way without doing any work?

Any suggestions for how to deal with this to hold both the seller and Fiverr accountable? Are there any review sites where I could post this feedback to put pressure on Fiverr to change their feedback practices and customer service support?

If he used the delivery feature, I don’t understand why you couldn’t leave feedback. I know the seller can’t block you from leaving feedback. And you should be able to leave feedback up to 30 days from the date it was marked as delivered. Are you sure it was not refunded in some way? If it was refunded than that may explain why you could not leave any feedback.

I was mistaken about the feedback (didn’t pay any attention to that big green box). I have now left him negative feedback and heard from a Fiverr rep who said to let him know if I still hadn’t gotten a response in 24 hours. No response from seller, so I’ve asked for a refund and I’m not sure I’m going to try again with this platform. I know this kind of stuff can happen on any open source platform, but I don’t have much confidence.

Thanks for your responses.

I’m confused on this situation. I thought that a buyer had to control over a gig being completed. Can’t buyers request modifications until they get what they paid for? Just curious as I’m not a buyer but was under the impression that it worked this way.

Update - the seller, cwiney, did respond that he had been swamped, and thought he had delivered the order. Though there is really no good excuse for him not responding to my requests for many days, but I will say that the finished product is excellent! He did a fantastic job and I am extremely happy with his work. I changed my feedback to reflect superior work and needs improvement on communication. Thanks for all your comments and help.

Reply to @socialmediamaxi:

I’m glad you were able to get this worked out.