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Holiday Post Coming from the Fiverr Forum Humbug. (4 Days and Counting)


I am going to be posting one of my signature “posts” full of major money making and more important relationship making and building posts for the Holiday (Bah Humbug!).

It is going to be on a topic that may matter more to fiverr buyers for sure and sellers as well than any other single topic I could identify.

In addition, I will be preparing a New Years Eve …bring in the New Year post and I want to get your vote on what topic I should cover.

X) The 2013 Fiverr Action Plan - Your Path to Becoming a Fiverr Figure Earning in 2013

Y) The Slight Advantage Solution - The 8th Wonder of the World and How to Turn it Into Fiverr Fortunes

Z) Why Fiverr May Lead to World Peace - And what it means to the longevity of your earning potential.

madmoo said: @anarchofighter: it's a vote :)

Okay, that's

x = 2; y = 0; and z = 1


Maybe it’s just you and me seeing the threads again and again lol :slight_smile:

madmoo said: I think on balance I'm veering towards x.

Is that a vote or a veer :)

ozzieuk said: X for me friend !

Okay, that's

x = 1; y = 0; and z = 1

More votes please. 20 looks and 2 votes is not very good :) LOL


I would choose Z.


Thank you for that vote. :slight_smile: Wow, It’s not the one I most expected people to go for even if this is the fallacy of one selection :slight_smile:


LOL Unless we end up with only ONE vote. LOL Then it is a landslide.


X for me friend !




Cause it was lonely with no votes…

lparziale said: Cause it was lonely with no votes

Hahaha, I hope it was a sincere vote...even if you did feel empathy for it. After all, this is also me testing headline, right :)
x = 2; y = 1; and z = 1


More votes please.