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Holiday traditions / Fun activities?


Just wondering if anyone was doing anything interesting…

This year we’re hand painting ornaments to give out as presents :slight_smile: (along with other presents too)


Nothing interesting. And I want to say, I think you’re super keen, I like things like your desktop and your comments here in the forums!


hehe thankies :3 I think you’re cool too… and you’ve got some awesome gigs.


Christmas Day at my house:

Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese / Ranch

Beer / Coke

Video Games all day.


Did I mention we are too old for this behavior? Still, we do it every year. No cooking. No dishes. Nothing but eating what we want and playing Xbox or Wii. All day. Ah… is it the 24th yet?

And yes, if we have company, they are forced into this non-traditional tradition. ~:>


What video games are you gunna be playing this year? :open_mouth:


Hmmm… good question. Well, any new ones that may come in via Santa. Otherwise, Guitar Hero, Snowboarding and maybe some GP Racing.