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Holy carp!


So I was just looking at my total sales and kind of freaked, I have started 378 Family Trees this year. That is have done a family tree chart of at least 7 generations for 378 family lines, there is an average of 120 ancestors listed on any given tree. So I have researched a 45K people in less than a year. Now I know many of you all have HUGE sales and # of clients but a family tree research project is not something I can churn out in a hour, I spend days working to help people start thier family trees. HOLY CARP!


You must be so busy! You know I have never really been that interested in family trees.

Who is the most famous person you have linked someone too?


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: Genealogy is a passion you either have or don’t have, it is something I have done all my life and is very important to me. I go back about 7 generations with my gig so I haven’t found anyone famously linked but when I was running my own company I was always finding people who were related to actors and actresses plus royalty of course. My mother and I found out that our families are connected to the Bell Witch from Adams TN


OJ Gran looked after Billy the Kid, does that count?


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: That counts!!!


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: Awesome, Oranje.


My family tree on my father’s side is pretty big. I have developed a web and mobile app for my own family free. Now, my relatives can post photos from family events on their own mobile devices.

Should I sell something like this on Fiverr?


Reply to @madmoo: Anyway you can find out if you are related to that famous author?


Reply to @madmoo: Maybe you can get his attention by creating a new friend of the “Mad hatter”: “The Mad Moo”. This way, Alice in Wonderland will have 2 “Mad” characters. LOL just kidding.


I do believe my post has been highjacked…hahahahahaha


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: It is funny how some people just relish in their family history and trees where as some don’t care. I often wonder if it how one is raised, I was raised to honor my family history and my mother was always telling me about our ancestors. I get clients who order my gig and they will over and over state that this person or that person never talked much about their family but THEY want to know (for whatever reason) and so I start their family trees for them and it gets them into conversation with their families and also gets the family member who maybe was hesitant to talk about their parents or family members to start a dialogue. That is my true reward from my gig knowing people are talking.


Reply to @madmoo: its okay hahaha I love when posts get hijacked it means something has become interesting and worth conversation. I have seen it happen on FB all the time… its all good my fellow fiverr


Yeah, tn5rr2012 has been really nice, I plan on buying a couple of her gigs as soon as i get a job. :slight_smile:

caiterz said: Yeah, tn5rr2012 has been really nice
AWWW, thank you for the compliment, I try to be helpful and offer a beneficial service to my clients. I look forward to working with you in the near future (I am putting out in the universe that you will get a job in 2013)


Reply to @tn5rr2012: I think I’m going to have to order one of your gigs soon! The information I have is all oral history, and very fuzzy as it’s recollections from things I’ve heard when I was a child.

My great-aunt was really into our family history, and had apparently amassed a decent collection of historical material. Unfortunately, when she died, I was too young to have any interest in any of it, and no one seems to know for sure what happened to all of it. I suspect it is (or was) with my grandmother, who’s started down the road with dementia, so it’s hard to say where it may be now.


Genealogy is a passion of mine, but I never thought to turn that into a gig…kudos on a truly original idea! :smiley: This turned into a pretty good thread as well. It’s funny that people have such different views on the importance of it.


Reply to @theironwhale:

theironwhale said: I think I’m going to have to order one of your gigs soon! The information I have is all oral history, and very fuzzy as it’s recollections from things I’ve heard when I was a child

Thank you for your reply to my thread. You would be amazed at what you recollect once I start asking questions. I recently did a family tree for a client and she could not remember her great grandparents but remembered great uncles name, well once I located her great uncles cemetery marker she remembered her great grand parents names, it just sparked something in her memory and then the data and memories came flooding back in. I would love to work with you in the near future.

Helena8664 said: ...kudos on a truly original idea

Than k you, I am very proud of what I have turned into a really great gig and it is my passion which makes it all the more enjoyable


Wow that is amazing! Your gig is so cool and it really shows that you put time into it because its not something that you can just throw together like you said


It truly is impressive to see something like that flourish. I know I was interested in my families last name and had purchased from a company something to help track down my family name and crest and it was amazing to see something like that into print. I know one of my aunts was actually Miss Spain at one point and one of my cousins was a big reason for gay rights to pick up because he wanted to marry his partner in Spain. So I guess past that I don’t really have much.