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Holy cowabunga...Level 1 seller goes down the drain [RESOLVED]


I received my exciting news a minute after midnight 5/19/13 and then 5 hours later my account was swarming with Fiverr team people ripping away my Level 1 status and Express label because I included my IntuitionHost name in the description with an @ symbol. That’s a no-no btw.

I feel really hurt by how swift a great thing can be taken from you especially after you spent weeks or even months earning each order and changing lives because of it. I did not even have a full 24 hours to respond as I have to sleep on a weekend naturally so Midnight-5am is sleep for me here in the USA.

Sent in an email to hopefully at least get my Express status back that I know should not have been affected by changing my Level 1 that I literally never saw. I only read the email and thought how delightful it would be to use fully when I would get up.

Has this happened to anyone else, maybe your stories will cure some of this hurt that I feel. :frowning:


Reply to @vedmak: I know these are negative and all but reading all your irony just never ceases to entertain me^^ (oh and I’m sorry that you are feeling bad lately, I hope things turn out better soon…)

@intuitionhost You’ll be alright, CS has always been helpful when i submit my problems, quick resolution too. And this obviously is not done by the people up there but some automated system, so don’t be hurt, Fiverr loves you they were just asleep when the fire broke out. Good luck to you! :slight_smile:


lol, isn’t it stupid


Reply to @seemydeath: Well, I now know that Flickr and YouTube are the only links you can use but that too might become a sticky mess. I guess I got hit unjustly by the autobot and really hope things turn around soon because I have bills to pay!


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Reply to @vedmak: This isn’t at all reassuring. :confused:


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smacks vedmak SO NEGATIVE.

You’ll be fine. :smiley: Just follow that little message I left you and hopefully things work out!


Reply to @vedmak: I support your negative vibe baby… Keep it comin


I will certainly let everyone know about what happens.


OMGOSH! I am the happiest kid on Earth! CS got back to me and readily fixed everything!!! This is what they said: “Great news! I have looked into the issue and your Level is restored! I also gave your Gig a better placement in its category to get more exposure to your Gigs :)”

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Someone give Kevin from Fiverr Editing Support a cookie!


Glad to hear you’re ok :slight_smile:


See! Positive viiibesss. :slight_smile: Congrats! I see you’re on the front page today!


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Oh is this a normal protocol? It will be updated in this case.


Reply to @mrspanda: That placement was an added bonus, I was told HAHA. :smiley: very excited. But you my dear were the first and the best I think :slight_smile: