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Holy crap! The gig display..It's just messed up

That’s too weird…Last two days my email signature gig is ranked last on the display where it was in the first few lines. All the gigs with 2, 3,4 reviews are dominating the gig display…I am not getting any order where everyday i would receive at least 2 orders. How long it will go on? Any idea?

try to log out and search again (don’t login), then use relevance filter,
If still not high ranked, try to experiment with your gig’s title.

It’s not like that…For past 5 days, it’s same…All the gigs with very low reviews are ranked top and interesting most of them are not even relevant. Please, check it out…The gigs of email signature. You will see the display are filled with 2,3 reviews gigs. And most of them even not related, like editable pdf gigs. That’s really disturbing. I guess, the buyer are going back due to not finding the perfect gigs easily. Fiverr should check it out. At least, after imposing a 20% fee on the purchase, they should give the best quality. Otherwise, soon they will lose the market.