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HOLY SHT got my first order ! <3 fiverr


So epic I just came home from school and got my first real order!!! :slight_smile: I was legit like holy sh*t! For the past 2 weeks I’ve been checking my fiverr everyday to see if I would get an order and then yesterday i’m like : Naww this sucks I’m quitting fiverr, I haven’t got an order yet at all. Then today I come home and I have only a couple hours to deliver! lol :P. I make intros and I’m rendering the intro for my client right now, thanks to my wonderful client SYED20062007.

Maybe you can be my next customers eey peoples?? I’ll add some more intros aswell now that I got my first order.

Anyways, so how long did it take for you guys to get your first order. For me it was around like a week - 2 weeks and I did noo advertising at all so it’s pretty sick. I also heard that once you get your first one more will flood in so I hope it will be like that :wink:

An extreme sincere thank you from JustGotKoned ~ Your hub for all video animation intro needs !


a few hours

Anyways, congrats!


My first order came after a few days. then that month I had 7 orders, since my first month I’ve only had one order. From what I can tell, if you want to make a fiverr a real income source for yourself, you have to advertise. personally the money I make on here will never see my bank account, I’ll keep my money flowing through the fiverr economy.




Congrats, it’s a great feeling! :slight_smile: