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Home Interior Designer Struggling to get my first order

Hello guys I am a new seller on fiverr struggling to get my first order :frowning:
I am offering Home Interior Design Services with Realistic Renders
Here are some of my gigs :

My goal is to help you create your Dream Home for a resonable price starts from 10$
Thanks you for your time :slight_smile:

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You need to loo more professional in terms of videos and photography, also I think people would want more to design offices and so than home

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I expected home interior design services to go up in popularity, actually. Everyone I know is renovating their homes now since they’re stuck inside.

Maybe try a few more minimalist options? Your designs are extremely detailed. It might be not everyone’s cup of tea stylistically.


yep that’s true, personally I don’t like “overcrowded” rooms/things. Plain and minimalistic should do!

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thanks a lot to everyone for your tips i know that nowadays people prefer minimalistic designs but I posted some sofisticated ones in my gigs just to show people I can do more than placing a table in the midle of a room
thank you all again bless :innocent:

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Well I also have Photoshop skills but i did not created any GIGS related to photoshop because of the competition I think there is a seller on the niche for any budget and any quality of the service .

This is exactly why I decided to go Interior Design because I saw that not a lot of people doing it and I decided that I can offer the same quality of service at a lower price then anyone else (considering that I am a new seller) But maybe in this niche there is no big request so this is why there are only a few doing it … Maybe im in the wrong niche

I think you can put up as many gigs as fiverr allows it if you’re confident in your skills. I was merely suggesting that in this particular case, the aesthetics of your interiors could be the problem.

maybe you are right I will try to improve that and see if the results will change in time thank you for the advice