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I have been on Fiverr for over a year. TODAY my gig is featured on the home page. Good and bad. Good, as I am on HOME PAGE but today, will anyone really be shopping?

Oh well, I will take it! Yay!! First home page featured. Merry Christmas to me!


Now if I only could get Top Rated Seller… one has to have a New Years Resolution!!


congrats :slight_smile:


Congrats. I wanted my gig to be featured for awhile, and when it finally did, I had regret it. But the “featured” ribbon looks nice on my gig.


Reply to @musiclover: whyd u regret it?


Reply to @shawnecannon: Because there’s only four featured slots, and thery’re constantly rotating. They don’t show my gig long enough. When it is shown, I may get an order here and there, but not often enough. Before I was featured, I was on the homepage for a couple of days. That was the key to my success. The time that I was just on the home page, were my busiest days. I went from no status, to level 1, and then level 2 within 2 months. I miss those days. I still promote offline, but I still don’t get the business I was getting before being featured.


Congrats! Hey, at least it got featured today and not tomorrow. :wink: I know a lot of people who had to work today. I seem to see the same gigs on the front page a lot, so maybe yours will appear there again very soon!


Congrats. Don’t complain. You got featured. That’s a big milestone.


Thanks everyone and yes, I was NOT complaining. I was VERY excited as you can see from my post.

OBG: Party rocking!! :))



Do tell us how it helped you increase sales.


Reply to @princemaxx: Yes, k

princemaxx said: Oh my god!! LP THIS IS AN AMAZING NEWS!
Do tell us how it helped you increase sales.

Yes, let us know ;)


Reply to @princemaxx: Even though it was the day before Christmas and Christmas day, I did note a few extra orders actually! So it was well worth the happiness.


YAY! So getting featured does drive in more sales. Thanks :slight_smile:


Reply to @princemaxx: Sure and yes, it seemed to. I noted some of my other gigs got new orders because of it.


Reply to @lparziale: Coming to a conclusion: Once you get featured, people buy that gig & they also look at your profile to see if you have any other gigs they might like. SWEEET


Reply to @princemaxx: Yup, 100% correct!!