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Homework cheaters? How fair is this for a community?

I get lots of messages on daily basis like this :

Why there are that much cheaters who’re trying to get their homework done by paying someone else? I mean i redirect all of them to my teaching gig but no one was interested about that. They just need to get that done, just that. they don’t want to learn anything in any means. how would they survive.

I basically don’t do home works for people, I think that’s a violation as well. mostly that’s a common sense not to do someone’s homework.

but check this out (just searched for “programming assignments”):

There are lots of sellers who offer this kind of a service. If this is a violation on Fiverr, how even these gigs were approved. (as per i know every gig is inspected by fiverr before they go live). Mostly how fair this is for a community If someone cheat on school with the power of money?

Even seller like me reject those requests, these gig owners will accept for sure and the buyer will get their work done.

any comments?


Well, I guess people just agreed with you and had nothing to add :wink:

Any gigs can be added but sooner or later they will be removed anyway


This cannot be a good excuse for the Fiverr i guess. If they actually wanted to remove these kind of gigs, they can do so just by searching for keywords like assignments, home works etc. Also if these gigs aren’t removed upon the gig creation, always there will be such gigs because new gigs are been created every minute which lead those kind of buyers to get benefits with.

Nobody owes you a comment, what you did is rude (and against the forum rules), and at least one of the names you’ve listed no longer has a Fiverr account.

They don’t search (it would take people who would want to get paid). They rely on the community to report inappropriate gigs.


Can i see any post or something which describes someone can’t mention another people on forum? I would love if you can give any link for that kind of a resource other than telling me this is against forum rules. I mentioned some people just because i wanted to know others comments on this and i thought no one was viewed the topic. If you don’t like to comment just please DO NOT. I mentioned you just because you are an active member. I will manage not to mention you in any further topics or comments. Sorry if you met any inconvenience.

You can report those gigs .I think it will be better to contact fiverr CS and discuss why they are not deleting those gigs when they are violating fiverr TOS…

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Thanks for your kind reply. I don’t want to report these gigs. I just found this is something not good for society. That’s why i questioned. Not only in the category I’m selling, Every possible category has such gigs. If someone wants to report these all gigs I’m sure that’ll be a days of work. :sweat_smile:

Fiverr has to manage these things i guess. because they are the one who has responsibility to make the platform a better place.

Here is this answer.

As they are updating their website frequently … Hope they will prevent those issue soon…

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If they remove such gigs, I am sure their (Fiverr’s) business would be impacted (greater or lesser extent, I don’t know).

I have seen many VIDs coming to me actually post such requirements only, nothing else.

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