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Homophobic sellers on fiverr


I few weeks ago I heard about this site from a youtube channel and thought my prayers had been answered and that I had finally found the means to get my lgbt network business off the ground . little did I know what I was to encounter. I had gigs that I described thourally that I needed fulfilled and the offers poured in. I chose two sellers and lo and behold .as soon as I described made an agreement with these sellers and explained more thourally what the job consisted of. After that no one got back to me . one seller even went as far as to receive my payment and then decline it citing that he could not work on the project because it was considered pornography🤔
I attempted to air my grievances but the mobile site does not afford that option just as the desktop version lacks that ability also. All I have to say is that I am truly disappointed and am warning others attempting to have lgbt projects done through for me I’m done .I’m not wasting my time anymore because I know my money would be better spent elsewhere


I’m sorry to hear about your experience, but I’m sure that’s not the majority.

I’d generally recommend more thoroughly describing the nature of the work in the buyer request itself, so that you can weed out the homophobes in the first round and find someone who’s on board with LGBT issues. I’ve had people approach me in the past asking first if I was comfortable writing about LGBT identities before they would even give me the project.


I’m sorry to hear about this.
Fiverr is a microcosm of so much of the world.
I’ve had buyers as me if I had an issue making an LGBT video or voice promo. I think I was more offended that the question had to be asked.
As @somaginer1996 that’s not the majority.
Would you mind saying what your project were in nature (graphic design, video???)


What did you need them to do, exactly? Was it really porn? Fiverr doesn’t allow anything too graphic, because the users can be as young as 13. Was it a misunderstanding?

Homophobic sellers are definitely not a majority on Fiverr. I’m sorry you ran into bad ones.


I requested a network logo creation


My network idea has nothing even remotely tied to porn. I am attempting to create a network like BET or Telemundo that serves a niche market which is the lgbt community.


If you weren’t producing porn, then you may have a point. A logo should be no problem. Was there anything in the logo request that could be considered offensive?


No. I didn’t ask for anything sexual in nature.just a simple network logo


That is a loaded question. Offensive to whom?
When it comes to lifestyles and sexual orientations…people tend to be ‘offended’ very easily.


well… WAS it pornography?

Maybe that’s your problem.

Ah, i just got my answer. I’m sorry that happened to you. But know that this is not typical on the platform from what I know


So you definitely either ran into a bad seller, or into someone who didn’t really understand what you needed from them.

Hopefully some experienced buyers will chime in with advice how to find better sellers.


Discrimination based on sexual preference is never a good thing. However, at the same time, it’s solely at the seller(s) discretion if they want to work on a certain project or not. I guess the moral preferences come into play, personal reasons or whatever.

I will say… Don’t give up just yet, give it another go. That’s only (2) :apple: apples out of a bunch here on Fiverr. However, if you do decide on giving it another go - this time around be VERY descriptive in your ‘Buyer Request’ so that way people are not surprised or taken aback by your request. Add a tidbit that they MUST read the entire request first and include a keyword (i.e. LGBT) with their offers to PROVE they have read the request. Lay everything out on the table, some will take a bite others won’t. If a seller(s) is willing to take on the job they will send an offer.

Either way best of luck with your LGBT Network!


I am sorry your first experience was a terrible one. There must have been a language barrier or communication issue.

Don’t give up yet. Instead of focusing on “Buyer Request” use the search function on the main site. I would contact a few sellers to see if they would be able to deliver what you are looking for. There are a lot of talented and hard working sellers on this plattform you just have to find them.

Best of luck with everything.


Thank you. The worse part is that it’s still happening .


Have you reached out to any other sellers? So many sellers here are accepting, and a lot are even part of the LGBTQ+ community. These sellers were just bad apples.


Sorry you had this experience.
It is important to remember that Fiverr has a lot of sellers who are all individual and make their own choices in terms of the projects they work on. It is a global platform which is one issue but as I am sure you know, discrimination of this kind happens in every part of the world.
I am from Ireland where we were the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage by popular vote, and have a Prime Minister who is part of the LGBT community, yet at the same time people have experienced the same kind of thing you have when all they wanted was a fun cake decoration from a particular bakery…

It’s not the platform that is responsible for this (and the shockingly uneducated accusation of it being pornography) but the individuals themselves. That is probably scant comfort in itself but I can assure you there are plenty of sellers who would be happy to work on that with you and as Markus said above, I actually hate being asked if I am comfortable to work on such projects - it reminds me that not everyone is…


The hard part is finding them because I’ll post a gig . then a whole bunch of people will reply to the gig with offers. Then when I’m ready to hire they’ll ask for more details . when I specify the product is for an lgbt network that will have lgbt programming they say they’ll get back to me and I never hear from them again🤔 . its frustrating and ends up hurting my feelings .


I still think that specifying that the product is for an LGBT network should be done in the description of your first posting so that you can weed out homophobes in the first place. It would also help to explain what LGBT is, perhaps, since some people probably don’t understand the acronym.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to include info like this about such an innocuous project, but unfortunately things aren’t perfect, both on Fiverr and in real life.


A lot of people applying to BR don’t even read what they’re applying to.


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