Honest Feedback on My Gigs


If you would, please visit my profile page and take a look at my Gigs. I would like to hear all opinions, suggestions, advice, tips, etc. regarding the Gigs I have created.


Orders have slowed tremendously for me. Maybe I can do something about it? Maybe I can’t. Any improvements I can make on my Gigs, I want to make!

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


I have heard from some that they “tweak” their gigs every day to make them better. I personally am trying to improve whatever I can all the time. I only have 9 gigs, but I am intent on trying others to test all kinds of waters.

It’s just my opinion, but my mind is overwhelmed when I see lots of stars in a description.

I see you only have 5 gigs. Try developing a few other gigs that you’re comfortable with. I’m on the verge of trying a couple new ones, and even one that’s a bit more “experimental” with silliness.

If you can list 20 credible gigs, I have heard lots of sellers say to go for it. This will maximize exposure for all that you can offer.

I plan on cycling out gigs that are not selling to try something completely different. If something is not selling, we don’t seem to have much to lose at all trying something completely different.

It’s a constant work in progress imo.

I’m constantly thinking about how to make stuff better including presentation, my offer etc.

Good luck. :wink:

(just my two cents, don’t take anything personally at all)


Reply to @kuzzmedia: Took all the words right out of my mouth. I agree with all of the above.


Reply to @kuzzmedia: 5 gigs? I have 9 total? :open_mouth:


@prohelper27 Oh. Strange, I just went to your page with your listings again. I only count 5. ? All of them appear to be listed at the end of each of your gig though.


Reply to @kuzzmedia: Hmm… can someone else take a look as well? If it’s only showing 5 gigs on my profile, perhaps I should contact customer support?