Honest opinion: How good is Fiverr actually?



My name is Lazar, better known as YoHProgrammer, i am an active Graphic designer, video editor and a Blogger.
I have over 5 years of active experience when it comes to graphical and video editing, and i have put my knowledge and experience to good use.
I have opened an account on Fiverr so i could try and do some freelancing on the side. I was sceptic at first, thinking that this site is like every other, that only the “Promoted” gigs will be the ones that sell, but soon i was proven wrong.
Not only did someone contact me for a gig, but i have done a few projects which have earned me ±$200 in like 40 days.
I was ecstatic, happy and in shock that it was so easy to make money, well, easy because i kept it honest, and i didn’t exaggerate on my skills. So i have delivered everything i have promised.
I have also came across a few people who were bad news, tried to scam me even though i have delivered their work, but fiverr was fast to act and to help me regarding those issues, so everything is good.

Now in the last 30 days or so, no one has contacted me for some reason, so there is no certainty regarding the gigs or cash flow, but it is possible to make some money here.

To remind you, my name is YoHProgrammer and feel free to check out my profile :slight_smile:



I get on really well with Fiverr but it isn’t my only source of income. I have built my standing and income up over quote a while and I am comfortable with servicing my regular clients with quality work for a good price (for both of us)

The support is there to help, and it is good to hear that you have found them supportive for you.

Try Buyer Requests and promote yor gig on social media and you will start to see some more work come your way, I’m sure.


it is awesome. i have a very good experience using the fiverr. But recently the work is slow and i need more tasks on my gigs