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Honest opinions on my gigs and profile

Hello everyone!
So, after so many months of being off the platform because I couldn’t successfully verify my account due to delays, I successfully did it this month, and I was really happy about that.
But, since I came back to the platform, I’ve not really gotten any sales; I only got one which was from the Buyers Request section after replying up to 30 of them. I’d just like you guys to help me out by going through my gigs and profile, and tell me if there’s anything that I need to change which is scaring away buyers, or if it’s just fine. I would really appreciate your honest opinions. Thanks.


It takes time to build up again after a long break. Buyer Requests seems to be working for you so keep replying.

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That’s true though. Thanks a lot.:slightly_smiling_face:
But I guess my profile and gig descriptions are ok, right?

You have already got orders from them so at a quick glance they seem fine to me.

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Ok then. Thanks a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:


Keep working on buyer request you will soon get order