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Honestly, does EVERY cancellation have to affect our rate?


I just had a buyer place an order just to ask me if I offered a completely different service than the one offered on the gig. Do we really need to suffer for every single customer mistake?

I’m beating a dead horse, I know. But sometimes it’s just to feel better.


Was it a dumbass with a video?


Exact same thing here. Last night, someone ordered a video from me, supplied all the information I needed and then asked me an hour later to cancel. At this point, my order completed rate was on 89%. I declined the cancellation, asked what the problem was, offered to make a different kind of video etc, but the buyer said they didn’t need the service.

In this case, I passed the buyer on to CS and said that he would have to ask them to cancel as cancellations on my side hurt my ratings. Now the order has just been canceled by CS and guess what? I’m now on 88% for my completed orders.

Every cancellation hurts rankings. It doesn’t matter if your buyer ordered by mistake, your buyer never supplies details and you ask that an order from months ago which hasn’t gone live has cleared, or it’s a mutual cancellation, every cancellation screws you.

The logic? Any way round it? NONE. Just bend over and smile as you’re being spanked for not being a good doer.


No, that one was in January.


The year is 2019. A buyer has placed an order, and with English as their second language, has completely misunderstood the gig offer.

Fiverr’s Terms of Service have been updated. You are now required to give English lessons to the customer, making them proficient enough to understand all your services.


I call these buyers the “Houdini” types, they expect sellers to magically make a rabbit disappear from a hat, well, in this case, complete jobs outside the scope of their gigs. I recently had a bizarre request, sent a politically correct response, and :anger_right: POOF the person was not heard from again.


I had five cancellations today from orders where the customer had been banned from Fiverr. I didn’t complete them, but I was about to start.

Cancellation rate shot up. Sucked,


Fiverr realy needs to something about the cancellation system :frowning:
Anyway,money stay always here,why it’s always the seller’s fault ?


I must be missing something here:

The number that shows your completion rate is so sellers don’t cancel without decent reasons.

It can only hurt when you are way out of line with the others around you in your category.

(People pay attention to things that are counted.)

That said, it really doesn’t matter what your rate is if it’s the norm in your category. I suspect nearly every seller past the first 20 orders is going to have some cancellations.

If your completion rate is 89%, and the rest of your category is at 95%, then yes, it’s going to become an issue for you. If yours is 89% and the rest of your category is at 87%, then it won’t hurt you at all. The people with 100% delivery rate aren’t doing enough, or are young in the business.

Frankly, if everybody else in my category is at 95%, and I’m at 89%, I’m doing something wrong (over time). Maybe it’s my description, or my FAQs, or something else.

On the other hand, everybody will have some buyers buy the wrong thing and require a cancellation, so over time it will wash out. (If you’re a high volume seller, you also get more people buying your gig who have no business doing that.)

Fiverr intentionally does’t tell us what the average is in our category, because they want to keep cancellations to a minimum. Who do you know that has delivered 100 gigs and has had zero cancellations? How about at 500 gigs?

Get bothered/pro-active about the things you can control (The quality of your work, the quality of your presentation/description/FAQs, gig video…)

The rest is simply noise.


There is a lot of hand wringing in the forum about cancellation rates. I totally respect Fiverr for trying to limit cancellations. If you went to the mall and 10% of the stores refused to sell stuff to you, it would tick you off. Still, cancellations aren’t really something to worry about.

I keep getting orders I simply cannot fill (I don’t do consumer cold calls, only business-to-business, which my gigs clearly state), and I have to cancel their orders. I am at 72% completion. Yet I have 3 gigs in the first 3 rows if you search for “cold calling.” My rate is probably holding me back from leveling up (level 1 sounds higher anyway), but it hasn’t crippled me in the rankings.

So don’t sweat it.

Unless you enjoy sweating.

Bob :slight_smile: