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Honestly Fiverr? What are You Thinking?


I appreciate that this new collaboration tool thing might be great for designers. However, I have just received the following:

Basically, a buyer (for an order with 0 included revisions) has made lots of handwritten notes across a low resolution .jpeg of an article I have delivered and sent it back to me via the collaboration tool.

I can’t read whatever their notes say. Therefore, I have to download a ,jpeg of the article, open it in my image viewer, and zoom in, before then making necessary changes in the article in Word.

It’s just lunacy…


That’s amazing. And I can imagine that the handwriting there is probably among the more legible you will get.

Since you have no revisions allowed how do you plan to handle it?


It is literally the most stupendous thing I have ever encountered. And I’ve met British politicians.


He wants that word “market” used to death. I couldn’t make out the word after “staff”. Otherwise he is fairly legible.

I don’t know why he can’t change those words around himself.

I don’t think allowing buyers to hand write anything is a good idea.

Your use of the phrase Micro Mart sounds a lot better than Micro Market.


He basically wants the word Mart changed to Market. I could be nice and point out that I used “Mart” (in a contextually relevant way) instead of ‘Market,’ as it is a low competition SEO keyword which gets entered into search engines 100K+ times a month for people in search of his product. - The thing is, I don’t consider us friends anymore. :wink:


Micro Mart has a nice easy sound to it. Micro Market sounds dumb. He is thinking he will get more hits with that word market but he uses it too much for Google’s liking. And as you say he is sure to be number ten million in searches.


I understand your pain. I recently had what appeared to be a chart made in Excel, printed out, scrawled with handwriting squashed into some of the fields, scanned, and uploaded to me for keyword changes. You’d think it would be easier to just type out “Change ‘mart’ to 'market.” etc. Some people seem confused by the tool.


What even is this? I can’t even start to understand the thought process that led to this outcome.


I’d love to give you an insightful response, @cyaxrex . But unfortunately, the above is really, seriously, honestly, the only thing that comes to my mind.

One’s just not the same after 5 years full time on Fiverr…


Believe it or not, very few customers request a revision for …
“Can you please change the file name to whatever.xlsm?”


As long as they request it in typed text and not handwritten or in an audio or video file … I guess we can be happy. :sweat_smile:


For two weeks whenever people sent me a message as we were chatting it would say their message was sent 20 minutes earlier.

So they would request a custom order, I would send it and they would be offline, maybe they had already left 20 minutes before…:thinking:


Roflmao! I mean, really - fell off my chair!


I’m starting to think that there must be some popup on the buyers side encouraging them to use this feature. It is the only logical reason I can think of that explains why someone would use it in this way.


Highly possible.

"Had a bad day at work? Fiery argument with your spouse? Public transportation was overcrowded?

Don’t worry, life doesn’t have to put up with you, but our sellers do!

Request a revision and have our seller pay for whatever irritated you!

They hav to do it anyway.

Fiverr. Ready to serve.

Ugh, we mean, ready to make our sellers serve."


I like it! Maybe some buyers will also start using this feature to send us handwritten threats in future. :thinking:


We are convenient punching bags.