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Honestly, I buy more from sellers without the commercial license extra. LOL

I have a side business with my boyfriend and friends and I buy from Fiverr as we have found lots of sellers with stuff we are looking to be done (I really am amazed of the talent available here at affordable prices-- if you are just very good at utilizing that search bar, you will find sellers with talents that are super awesome! haha)… But I get annoyed with that commercial license extra, oh yes I understand and respect that it’s to protect the seller and all, and YES of course I purchase it when needed… But I see not much “clarity” on this, there’s no proof of purchase or whatsoever. Like some sort of certificate or agreement whatever. It makes me think what difference does it make if I bought it without the extra and use it commercially?

That’s why lately I tend to purchase MORE from sellers without the commercial license extra… Besides, I noticed some sellers have these outrageous extra charges for the commercial license extra! (And again as mentioned earlier, at the moment… or as I post this… I don’t see much of a difference for the buyer when they purchase that extra.)

theratypist said: oh yes I understand and respect that it's to protect the seller and all
Don't think this feature does much on seller's protection - it's probably to upsell instead.

I never turn on the commercial license feature for my own gigs, but I find that buyers are much more willing to purchase other extras in this way. I mention in my gig description clearly about what rights will come with purchasing my gigs instead.

Same as you, when I’m looking for design-related gigs, I often skip the sellers enabling the commercial license add-on. I’m not sure what others do - probably just my own preference. Maybe some buyers will feel safer buying from sellers enabling this.