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Honestly, Sellers Need a Way to Deal with This

I’ve been taken for a ride for the past week and I’m [insert expletive here] knackered.

Every day seems to be bringing a new sneaky disgrace for a human being to my order queue or inbox.

For example, a regular buyer ordered my basic gig yesterday, but let me know in their order requirements that they actually want my standard gig, they just can’t afford to pay.

This person ABSOLUTELY knows I would not give them a 1/3 discount if they messaged me. However, they have figured that they can just order a cheaper package anyway and put me in a corner.

Another buyer whom I have worked with a couple of times also placed an order yesterday for a 500-word article. However, they then went and sent me a 1,500-word short story they want re-writing while saying, "TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE WITH THIS PROJECT."

To top all that, I spent an entire day last week trying to squeeze blood from a stone trying to get a person in my inbox to tell me clearly what they wanted. Alarm bells started ringing when they kept trying to lower the price. $20 for 500-words per page? How about we just do 300-words per page?

Finally, I prepared them an offer which they accepted based on their details. Then the order comes through and their requirements have changed to 800-words per page, but it’s okay, apparently, because this just needs re-writing.

In every case, these people know what they are doing, will not agree to pay extra, and usually won’t even agree to extend delivery times. (Which is necessary when your project scope suddenly doubles or trebles in size.)

I could slap these people down by canceling. However, then I get punished by Fiverr. As a result, my only option is to look forward to another 24-hours of straight working fueled by lots of coffee so that I can deliver orders, before blocking each buyer as soon as orders complete. - But what happens if a buyer orders again before I can block them?

I don’t usually have a straight run of buyers like this. However, I have noticed inbox price gymnastics and “I’ll pay what I want” buyers becoming more prevalent over the past 2-weeks. My thinking is that Covid-19 might have a lot to do with the reason why. Regardless, though, of why things like this happen, sellers need a more effective way to deal with people like this.

If you want my $30 package, but only order my $20 package ( and obviously not in error), I should be able to report you and cancel without having to worry about getting a penalty in the process.

Anyway, rant over.


Thats totally true…and make me laugh…the other option is cry…but I prefer laugh.

Pirates are pirates, here and there… and client education… is a impossible task many times… sorry to read your lines cyaxrex

IMHO always keep the messages to report if needed to Fiverr Staff.


Yeah, it happened to me twice so far. First buyer just didn’t want to bother, but he ordered me another gig for the update. He was new and just wen for the cheapest option. The second time, the guy just don’t wanted to pay for commercial use license, even though he needed it. When I explained, he said “OK but if i like your work at the end, I’ll pay the extra”. I had no choice but to do the work with a risk for him not only not to pay the extra, but not paying the gig. Hapilly everything ended well. There are many buyers who don’t understand the process.

What I realized after those experiences is that the best way is to bump up the prices and figure out how NOT to leave any possbility or hole for the buyer to order bellow the actual price.
I still haven’t done that, but at least I figured out how to do it in the future (e.g. including an extra inside the gig price, which will bring the prices up, but at least you don’t leave the possibility to the buyer to order for less. This is just an example, but it may apply to every gig)

BTW, any experiences with asking CS for help in cases like these?


Pirates! - You nailed it. This is exactly hat these people are! :clap:

This is my experience too. I was also going to raise my prices this year. However, I am not going to take the risk of raising prices while the entire world economy is crashing and burning. Every time I do go higher, I lose regulars. Right now, I’d prefer to keep all my regulars to keep a relatively steady income.

I have a rule about not contacting CS unless someone is holding a gun to my head. I used to send them tickets and they used to be helpful. However, reading the forum makes me give CS a wide berth these days.


Another way I thought of this is offering packages that don’t have any relation to quantity (like 500 words Basic, 1000 words Standard). Honestly I have no idea if you can and how to do it in your domain, but for mine it was easy to figure that out.

Same here :slight_smile:

Thats too bad if we cannot rely on CS for help. Yes, some have bad experiences, but some have good. Maybe its worth trying.

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Yeah. My entire instagram feed is full of “50% off of this, 30% off of that, free shipping + a special gift + a kiss goodnight”. People assume that every service provider will be bending over backwards for them at this time. Considering that now I can afford less cancelations than I ever could this becomes a real challenge.

I’m very sorry. :confused:


That’s damn true.:sweat_smile::heart:

Increase prices, offer discounted quotes for people to contact you. Vet all buyers, make it very painful for them to order without prior contact.

Nah, that doesn’t work for me. I experimented with a writing gig where people could enter how many words they want. However, this results in a surge of people with no idea what they are doing.

I got an order recently for a 1,500-word article on that gig, from someone who’s requirements were "we provide secure SMS services." - And that is how it usually goes.

i.e You get someone who has read online that more content means super SEO results. However, they don’t actually have anything worth writing about. Either that or they don’t have any actual substance behind their business concept.

My current gig structure actually works well most of the time. In this case, I don’t want to make changes for the sake of making it harder for a few troublemakers.

Yeah, people seem to have a twisted sense of reality. I get at least one message every day from someone who can’t handle the fact that I won’t work to their budget. They want me to understand that they deserve a discount. However, they can’t comprehend how I need to pay bills, eat, and live just like they do.


I totally agree! How about a special feature for long-term sellers, Fiverr?


You do realize that this might cause unnecessary frustration and back and forth with a buyer who first places an order then sees in the gig description they could be quoted for less if they contact you? As an idea I don’t feel it’s bad but it is for the most of it non applicable.

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If the gig is set correctly, very little people will order without contacting, that’s the point. This also doesn’t work for packaged services, where it’s always the same service at the same price.

Yeah, I have had a lot more hagglers in the past few weeks but thankfully I don’t seem to have the same issues with them ordering anyway. One thing might be to ensure there is no mention of discounts or potential savings anywhere in the gig description.
I have a standard “My prices here are fixed as they are already half my rates elsewhere.” which seems to shut down negotiation pretty quickly. However, I think writing seems to get more than their fair share of these types you mention.


I love the “kiss goodnight!” I actually did laugh out loud! Lol


You are not really saying anything. All you are doing is implying that I and possibly other sellers have gigs set up incorrectly.

If I have one gig package clearly priced at $20 and one at $30, what on Earth can I do more correctly to stop someone from ordering a $20 package befoire saying "I know I have ordered the $20 package, but actually we want the $30 package, we just can’t afford it."

I do not offer fictional story writing in any of my gigs. Neither do any of my gigs offer re-writing, or writing of articles up to 1,500 in length. In this case, please advise me how I have set my gigs up so incorrectly as to have someone order a 1,500 short story re-write today on a gig package that clearly states I deliver 500-words of content or copywriting.

Please, enlighten me. :wink:


You should see what I’m having to deal with at the minute.

I’l post all the details on here as soon as it’s sorted.


“Inbox price gymnastics” should be the official non-abridged Fiverr Dictionary word of the year.


I’m not saying you set them incorrectly. I think Fiverr should have an option to have to agree to an order prior to starting, or no penalty for cancelations where a wrong order is placed. I’m just saying what works for me, it will depend on what you’re offering. Maybe there’s no solution in your case.


true… every day I also ran into buyers like that … I got used to it… not a problem, I over deliver , I do what they say… they are 99% of the time pleased however from time to time I get compliments ‘’ wow I love it ,i’m going to use that can you also help me with the logo … ‘’ stuff like that :)) and of course after that after clearly telling me that they are pleased I get a 1 star review :)) saying ‘’ poor communication , lack of professionalism ‘’ and such lies that truly makes me think that some of my buyers are really having some kind of issues , maybe from the time spent home due to covid 19 :smiley: