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Honesty is the best policy for a professional seller


Hi everybody,
I am active_marketer. I am working on fiverr above 1 year. I worked with many clients and gather different experience. Most of client is very helpful and they want you do their work with honestly. One of my client ordered my gig for get 50 people information. When i start work for him, i found only 12 people information but he paid for 50 people information. I submitted this order with 12 people information and say him i found only 12 people information. But that information was accurate. I did that with honesty. The client accepted this order and rated me 5 star review. He was given value of honesty. I have a request to every seller for complete buyer work with honesty. One day your honesty will reach your goal. Because honesty is the best policy.

Best of luck


Exactly. Thank you for your share :green_heart:


You are most welcome


Thank you, this is awesome.

I also use Bold Honesty.

I have been in negotiations with clients who ask something like “How much experience do you have doing …” I say “I have never worked with that. If you’re not happy with the result, I will be happy to leave with only the experience and give you a refund.” I will put my chance of acquiring a new client in jeopardy, by telling the truth. Most of the time, this Bold Honesty, wins contracts for me.

Honesty is always the answer.

Thank you my friend, for bringing up this topic.


welcome my friend.

Actually most of people honor honest person.


Lying only leads to more and more lies. It’s always best to be honest from the beginning, then leave it up to the buyer to decide whether to take the chance or not.


Absolutely right my dear friend.


Yes, We should need it for everyone.
As I am Honest Today I have Got $20 tip for $25 order then Total I have earn $45 :slight_smile:
Happy Fiverring :slight_smile:


Honesty is the best policy


Yes. Exactly! :blush::blush::heart_eyes:


Yes, My Friend.
Enjoy Fiverring :slight_smile:


Yes you are right :slight_smile:


Wow ! impressive work . Good luck for your future


Thank you so much :heart_eyes:


Charge for 50, deliver 12?
I’m glad your buyer was happy with it, but your next client might easily cancel or give you 1star rating.

The lesson here should be that promise only what you can actually deliver.


Thanks friend


Thanks my friend:slightly_smiling_face:




Actually he did’t contact me before placing order. His work was so critical. I knocked him and he provided me his information for complete this work. But He also know this work was so critical. Before submit job i was contact him and he was agree to accept this 12 people information.


We shouldn’t go beyond our abilities!