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Honesty is the greatest virtue we give to our clients


Honesty is the greatest virtue when it comes to business. here we don’t overestimate our abilities in our effort to promote our business. we prefer to just be ourselves and work start following us before we know it. we give you the best…


By “being yourself” you mean plagiarising your gig description despite offering typing and proofreading services? :roll_eyes: Doesn’t seem very honest to me…


Try Lily J. Dialog as we proof to you, and give you the best offer without any complaint.


I seriously can’t even understand what you are trying to say. How can you offer proofreading if your language not even at the intermediate level?


When you are honest with your buyers, they keep coming back for more. :open_hands:


I don’t need to try your services, as if you can’t write correctly in the forum, I have no reason to believe you’d do any better in a professional setting. You should seriously consider the fact that your actions and words here are a reflection of your services, so if you somehow do have the magical ability for perfect English in a work environment, you should be demonstrating this at every opportunity to help inspire confidence in any potential buyers.


don’t assume. try us for your designs. thank you


yes sure. i think this is a competitive market place, where you see some persons try to turn what you do down without proper check or trier of what you do…


This is taken from your profile description:

here in lily j. dialog this will have a huge impact on one’s personal life which brings about positive changes in an organisation and benefits the society.


Please, tell me. How does that sentence even make sense? The sentence doesn’t even start with a capital letter. :roll_eyes: How is that going to instill confidence in your prospective customers?

Yeah, sure. That makes perfect sense.


So, you offer typing, proofreading and translation but you’re unable to write correctly and your images show bathroom pieces… :roll_eyes:

Are you serious? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’d buy your gig to proofread your own posts.


Spicy!!! Love it!!!..


“Without proper check or trier of what you do…”

You don’t seem to be understanding: you are literally showcasing your writing ability right here, right now. There is no greater check than this.

By claiming to be an expert in writing, when you clearly aren’t, you are being fraudulent, and will potentially end up scamming people because you are trying to offer a service which you clearly cannot adequately offer.


:thinking: Yeah, I think I agree with the others, you ought to let your contributions here reflect your competence.


Very well said. :clap: