Honey... I'm late! :O late on delivery?! Oh! :)


Gosh!! I don´t know how but I tend to delivery on time but this last work… D: I became so in love with the artwork that I put so much more effort and added so much detail that I completely forgot about the date I was supposed to deliver the Illustration! The client was amazing tho!! :smiley: after I gave him the finished job he completely overlooked the late delivery :3 Have you’all had some experience like this? :slight_smile: cheers my fellow Fiverrers, Fiverrses? Fiverrs? idk hahahha :wink:


I’m actually on 2 of those. I bet some buyers get very enthusiastic sometimes and don’t mind if your work is already taking 6 days or more.
Happy buyers will always come back.
On the other hand, those are the buyers who order more $$, because they understand that the job may be time-demanding.
At the end, I will be finishing today/tomorrow, and good $$ will be on my Fiverr Account :grin:


Not yet. Worked until past 2am the past 2 nights to meet deadlines. And no, didn’t sleep until noon the following days :wink:

But I hope my clients will be nice like yours :slight_smile: if I’ll have to ask for time extension some day.
It was close a few times when I fell ill and such but I always set delivery times with a buffer for such events, so the only real danger would be someone booking more than the max wordcount of my gig description without talking first, possibly topped with 24 hr extra (though think I might have deactivated that for as long as we won’t be able to limit the gig multiples buyers can order).