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Hooorrraaaaaaay Level 1 Seller :D


Well i’m so happy Hooorrraaaaaaay i’m Level 1 Seller :smiley:

its a good start for me on fiverr thats really awesome

thanks fiverr

Hamza Zbaakh



I was going to congratulate you until I saw that you used the Wikipedia logo for a gig. That’s definitely not “100% Original. I Don’t Use Templates Or Clipart.”


Reply to @itsyourthing: Emmmm :blush: sorry to hear that !! but i dont use any Wikipedia logo! my gig’s is taken from a friends gig’s !! also i take the pictures from him !! butt if you dont want to congratulate me so thanks ! for " I Don’t Use Templates Or Clipart " that true !! i dont use any Templates Or Clipart to make logo’s this just a mockup so the buyer dont buy the mockup !! he buy the new logo! hope you understand the meaning !



Easy buddy calm down with the !'s. So you’re saying you take your friend’s work?