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Hope to offer free gigs until i get my gig rated

Hi there buddies,

Im selling a maths homework help gig,im getting good views,clicks and impressions close to 20k.But i still couldnt get a single order.So i hope to give free gigs until i get my gig rated.

What you guys think about this?

I’m not sure it’s possible, is it? Doesn’t somebody have to buy your gig in order to rate it?

I,applaud your work ethic either way. Getting noticed at first isn’t easy. Usually you do need a gimmick.

Joe is right. You cant rate gig if you not buy it.

ah,thanks buddies,i didnt thought about that…mm i think i can offer like 50% off, i will do 2 gig work for 1 gig order.

Reply to @botbot529: In beggining of working on fiverr, I did every job for 5$, not matter how long it was. Like that I boosted my sales. It was hard work, and I spent alot of time, but it was worth it.

Later when I had “enough” reviews, then I added extras and all other stuff.

Reply to @arty182925: thanks buddy, waiting hopefully… but fiverr selling have become very hard now…

Reply to @botbot529: To be honest, everyone has hard selling now, from fiverr 3.0 is like that