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Hopeless about Gig sell

Hi All
I have completed 36 order in fiverr. This month I can’t any get new order from another client. Now I am Level One seller on Fiverr. I have one fixed client he give me work every week. I can’t any order others client. Now I send 10 offer daily.

What can i do now. I want to know how can i get more order for different clients. Anybody can give me a suggestion ??

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Well honestly you’re doing better then most of us, I’ve got only 10 orders in last 5 months so


You are working with returning buyer its best for you to get positive rating, but according to Fiverr ranking you need to engage with different buyers to get ranked up. And you are doing best sending custom offers all is good, you just need to be patient as @culedefcb told you are better then most of us.


Hello, your gigs look excellent! What the one thing is that bothers me about your profile is this: “I am available 24 hours.” That is simply not true. One simple thing like that would make me not want to place an order. No one is really available 24 hours a day. People don’t want a seller who says that. It’s not only not necessary, but is a red flag.

Otherwise it all looks good.


Thank you for your valuable tips Mem. I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much…

This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


I appreciate with you :blush:

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