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Hopeless freelancer

why i am not getting orders i share my gigs on social media regularly i am also not getting any buyer requests from so my days why i am not getting any buyer requests???


There are alot of good responses to your question in the forum. Also there are some links to great articles. Take some time and read through. You will find your answers! :smile:

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It is unwise to misrepresent the truth. As of this message, you had a delivery 23 hours ago. You HAVE been getting orders.


That’s the nature of freelancing. You have to face these kind of situations if you are in this culture. When you have no patient, talent or ability doesn’t mean anything. :blush:


i am getting 1 order after a week is it good sales???

That depends upon the goals you have set for yourself. For some people, that would be a very good sales level. Don’t compare your sales to other sellers. You are your own freelancer, and your sales will reflect the productive effort that you put into your gigs.

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I am also new at fiverr.But i dont get any order from the buyers.Any one Help me please.Or suggest me what i have to do also.

Keep your focus on delivery a good job and try to stay online most of the time.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

Hello imran, I have checked your gig and profile and I have fond a lots of spelling mistake in your profile and gig please correct all of them and market your self.
Best of luck.

  • Sandipan Das
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Thank You Brother for Suggest Me.

You are most welcome. Have a good day :slight_smile:

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