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Horrible buyer experience!

Hi Everyone,

Wanted some tips on how to make buyers read the gig details or messages clearly? How to get their responses in time to deliver the work on time meeting the requirements? Even after giving clear messages asking for clarifications and descriptions, people sleep over it or don’t respond answering the questions. Late response with one line without clarity!! Buyer expecting double the amount of work than the chosen gig / gig extra!! On top of all this, threat to leave the negative feedback!

After several happy clients, one such person spoils the whole experience of working happily here!!

When a buyer purchases one of my gigs, this is especially true of my editing gig, I always send them over a quick message making sure they purchased exactly what they wanted. Since I offer a few different services on that one gig, sometimes they expect me to go beyond what they ordered, so I have to point that out.

As for them not responding when you’ve sent them a question to clarify something, that has happened to me as well! When I do send over a message, I set that gig to the side and work on my other ones. I give it till the end of the day, and if I haven’t heard back from them by then, I make my own judgement and proceed. When I deliver the order, I always mention that I tried messaging them, and since I didn’t hear back, I went ahead and made the decision myself. I don’t know what your gigs entail, but with mine it’s a 50/50 shot on if I’m right or wrong :wink:

And the threats of a negative review, that’s crazy. Although you cannot control what they say, all you can do is your best and let them know that you are doing everything they asked. If they still aren’t happy, then you can always mutually cancel your order…

Anyway, I hope this helps you! Good luck!


Totally agree about the bad language.

Friends, pls share your thoughts.

Hi! This has happened to me many times, where people just don’t pay attention to the gig description when they order. I will usually send them an email telling them what gig extras they need to buy if they would like me to complete the order. If they don’t respond, or don’t want to pay the extra, I cancel the order before it becomes late. Thankfully I don’t have to do this too much, but when I have, it’s never negatively affected my rating. One thing I won’t do is let a buyer get away with demanding more from me than my gig offers. It’s your time. Make them pay you what is owed :slight_smile:

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Oh, and one other thing … you can’t really “make” people read the details clearly, beyond just being super clear in your gig description and saying everything the buyer needs to know. Beyond that, if I really have trouble with a buyer who wants to leave negative feedback and I’ve done everything I can to appease them, I contact Fiverr customer support. They have always been supportive in the past and will remove negative feedback when it’s just really not justified.

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why am i not getting orders on my account? is it that ebook is no more selling or what?

@Maliera - Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts. :slight_smile:

When they don’t send me enough information to work with, I ask them to send it. If I receive no response, I cancel the order.

As for buyers expecting more work than they paid for, I inform them what they get for the money they paid, and ask them whether it’s acceptable to them or if they want to add the extra. If they insist on getting more than they paid for, I cancel the order.

@catwriter - Thank you for sharing your experience. I followed this today. Thankfully buyer was very understanding in absorbing the technical limitations of their file. Cancellation with positive attitude is far better than making it a bitter experience. :slight_smile: Hopefully i won’t have to face such negative people for sometime atleast. One negative feedback takes down the rating and then it takes numerous orders to bring it back to a better rating.

I had today a really bad experience with a client, client ended up calling me a “fu.cking whore”, I did the work, client asked for refund, i didn’t accept his request and i was shocked in the end :slight_smile: Another ‘happy’ day.

Oh word was flag, I’ll repeat :slight_smile: “fu.cking wh.ore”

I think it a two way street. I have always had great people to work with on fiver and recently I paid for two gigs and when they delivered its was bad. one was supposed to do work to my website and its literally looked the same as when he had started and the other a press release written that I paid extra for and gave very detailed instructions ad the press release I got was not even on the same planet as what I requested, the guy literally wrote it for a different company. I requested refunds on both becasue the press release was time sensitive and I didnt have time to wait for revisions when it was so far off and the second for the same reason.

Reply to @goddessmom: I’m a seller and a buyer but I never offended anyone, I got a few times bad work/reports and I’ve asked a refund and explain the reason, but never used bad words. No matter how upset the client is it’s not correct to talk like this with anyone, just my opinion. :slight_smile:

I definitely understand your frustration @manishi11. There’s never a need to be nasty in business interactions like these. I do believe that the best way to combat this issue is to immediately respond to new orders with what I like to refer to as a ‘clarity response’. This allows you to make certain that gig extra’s are ordered coupled with the common ground understanding on the direction for the project. You can start this response off in a light hearted way to “break the ice”. This has proved invaluable to me as a seller as I make sure the appropriate expectations are set, so that the chance of a negative interaction is minimized. I also, catch hundreds of orders that have left crucial gig extra’s out of the equation. I hope this helps.

Being nice goes along way. Whether you are a buyer or a seller. Solve issues amicably. Admit when you are wrong. If it is not too much, some times you can finish the over-the-board task .some tasks are simple and offering a little more is okay, provided in the end you let them know they got away with it but next time they will have to pay more (but in a nice and respectable way). Repeat business is important on Fiverr too.

Reply to @raly1783: Ouch ! This reminds me of the negative comments that never miss on any YouTube Video :slight_smile: . Sorry though.

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