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Horrible buyer, I'm shocked

hey guys, so yesterday someone ordered a custom service from me.
I delivered his order, I worked really hard, for more than 4 hours and to be honest I actually delivered more than he asked. After everything was complete and the buyer had literally everything he wanted, he told me that I didn’t deliver the order correctly and he requested to give his money back. RIDICILOUS, cuz I’ve done the job entirely as we agreed, I’ve done even more and he was actually very satisfied, but he’s probably thinking “why not to have also the money back”. After I told him that I’m not going to refund cuz I’ve delivered the order correctly, he started to talk absolute bs, started to tell me that he also wanted other things (thing we’ve never talked about before). I realized that he’s trying to scam me, came back to fiverr, clicked and delivered his order. Now few mins ago he opened a dispute on fiverr…
This is horrible.


You need to remove the username as negatively naming buyers and sellers is against forum rules.


I didn’t know, thanks)

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So sorry this happened to you. Some buyers are simply mean. I’ve dealt with a few of those in the past. Unfortunately Fiverr’s Cust Svc probably won’t be of my help. They never have been with me. I hope this gets ironed out for you.

Yeah, I just declined his dispute and kindly explained to admin in the description, hope they’ll solve this fairly.

Good luck! Admin isn’t always very equitable. Especially to the seller. I hope you receive some satisfaction.

hmm, I’ve talked like 8-9 times with fiverr admins, they seemed to me really kind and nice. I’m nervous.
Can a dispute harm my account or it only can force me to refund?

I’m not sure. The admins may seem to be “nice” but when I’ve ever had a problem with a buyer, the admins have “nicely” told me basically “tough luck.” Hopefully you will have a different experience.

If CS decides to cancel the order and refund the money back to the customer, it will, unfortunately, reflect on your order completion %. :frowning_face:

I hope you get a positive response though. Fingers crossed… :crossed_fingers:


Thank you. At least those rates last only a month…

Two* months (60 days) :slight_smile:

Yes correct, again it’ll be bad for me if it gets canceled.

Same happened with me, now I wonder what to do.
How can I tell contact support that client is scamming with me, I didn’t find any option like this

I’m going through a similar situation right now and I’m really angry about this.

Keep calm, it’ll be okay. A couple of months passed since my issue which led me to create this, And I must say Fiverr admins were SUPER helpful. Contact them, if you have some evidence or some sort of proof that you’re right, they’ll make a fair decision for you.