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Horrible buyer - support useless

Apologies that my introduction to the forum is a rant but with so many changes on Fiverr recently it feels that as sellers we have been left out on a ledge here.

I just had a buyer who admitted that she didn’t read or understand the service she purchased, in spite of me pointing it out 3 times during the order and it being written in bold on my gig description. Once I had completed the order and delivered it she demanded a refund with the threat of a bad review.

I pointed out that I don’t work for free and would not be issuing a refund due to her carelessness and she promptly rated me 1 star.

After the initial canned response from customer support I pointed out that the buyer was in breach of their Terms of Service. The upshot is they are unwilling to intervene regardless of the buyer’s behaviour. However I was afforded a patronising thank you and that my concerns would be passed on to product development!!!

Anyway, rant aside, hello everyone on the forum. While I haven’t participated before it is an invaluable resource for keeping abreast of the latest craziness Fiverr throws at us!


Hi there and welcome to the forum. As that famous fiverrb says, ‘A shared rant is half the anger’.


Thanks for sharing - especially as I was of the belief that if a buyer used the threat of a negative rating to solicit additional work or force a refund CS would act on this in favour of the seller. It’s disappointing, but not at all surprising, to hear that’s not the case.

Good for you for sticking to your guns though. And if it makes you feel any better, your profile still looks really solid. If I were in the market for your services, the single 1 Star wouldn’t put me off.


CS were completely immovable and stuck to their script - I’m not even convinced they took the time to view the screenshots I provided and when I quoted the 3 separate points in their TOS that the buyer had broken they replied with “thank you for your points, we have passed it on to our product development team” :rofl:

I’d still do the same again though!


Be careful such type of buyer

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I’m sorry this happened to you. What a horrible buyer. We all get them sometimes but you are taking it with a stiff upper lip. Where do these people come from?


I’ve no idea, they do seem to come in waves at times.

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Yes, I’ve noticed that too.


I am so sorry that happened to you. It is something I dread. But I would do like you did and write a good response as you did too. However, it would affect me more as I do not have as many reviews as you have.


I am sorry to hear that.
Sometime we faced this issue but we cant do anything.

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I delivered a Gig on time and I used the Quick response for Delivery:
“Thanks again for your order! Your delivery is enclosed.” and was under the impression that Fiverr system automatically calculates it as order delivery. However, it turns out that it doesn’t and I need to select Deliver Now. I contacted Customer Support if anything can be done on this and basically, the response I got was it’s your problem not ours, you noob. Fiverr support service is horrendous and they are so horrible especially for new Fiverr users who are just learning to use the platform.