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Horrible buying experience

i placed an order for logo design i want 3D logo but the seller deliver flat logo and i ask for layered source file he made sure that he will send full layered source file but after placing order the source file he send was not layered and i cann’t edit it and the worst thing is that i texted him several times but he is not replying to me even he is online he wasted my time and money i did not receive what i was looking for what should i do??


a couple of unfortunately necessarily patronising questions;

  1. what format are the source files in? .ai? .psd? .something else?
  2. what are you using to open said files?
    and 3) how much did you pay for said logo just out of interest


Did the gig offer a 3D logo? Or was this something you requested after ordering?

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Did you accept the order? If you haven’t, don’t accept the order until the Seller provides what was promised. Hit the revision button. Fiverr gives Buyers sufficient amount of time to review and accept the delivery. If you’ve written the Seller and the Seller is unresponsive contact CS.

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yes he offer 3D logo he has 3D logo gig he made sure before order that he will make it 3D and send source file

As @nikavoice has said. Have you accepted the delivery?


is this a 3D mockup? also, go to photopea (dot com) and upload the source file to see if it comes up as being layered, because i thought i was being send flat vectors as well for a while, but it was the software i was using because i don’t use illustrator

no i didn’t accept i didn’t receive what i was looking for

You report to Fiverr.