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Horrible compression on gig videos: any updates?

So for over a year now, we’ve been suffering from the Fiverr compression on gig videos and demos. Fiverr claism they can’t hear a difference, but the fact is they are ruining the sound quality of the videos, and this especially affects us working in the voice-over category. I’ve just uploaded a new gig video, and the issue has, if anything, gotten worse.

Have anyone found a solution to this? Any particular video/sound format that seems to be working better than others? I can’t be presenting myself to clients with this horrible audio.

I know this issue has been discussed before, but it seems that Fiverr doesn’t give a damn about this issue, and I’m now considering just removing the videos because they give such an inaccurate impression of the quality I deliver. After they started compressing the audio to hell and back for gig videos last year, my sales have dropped considerably on this platform. This hasn’t happened on other platforms, and my gig ranking + placement in search have remained the same. So this shit is actually affecting my bottom line.