Horrible Customer Service


I purchased several gigs on Fiverr and was always a fan until last month when Fragglesrock accepted my request and payment, but never delivered despite numerous requests from me. I contacted Customer Service as as well on two occasions, no response there either. I recommended this site to many colleagues, but no more. Fragglesrock is a rip off artists and Fiverr is ok with it?

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I’m a little confused. Did you cancel the order after it went into late delivery? That would have been the best option in that case since you hadn’t heard back from the seller. It takes 14-17 days for payment to clear, so it isn’t like they took the money and ran.


Keep calling our those fraudsters! Everyone should do the same.


Support can’t help much, publishing a list fraudsters will. In the mean time calling them out here would be the best alternative.


@peoplesdeb sadly this kind of thing can happen to any of us. I may be a seller on fiverr but I am also a buyer. What I tend to do is when buying a gig is take a look at how much information they provide on their sales page, If they have any feedback, take a look at the positives and when the last gig was delivered, as this may be an indication if they have been ‘recently’ active. If it has been awhile since their last completed gig, then send them a little message to see if they are still doing the gig.

If all is successful and they do not deliver on time, as others have mentioned here with some good advice, you can cancel the gig if it is late or reject the gig if it is not what you ordered. Giving them another chance to fix it for you.

In any case, if it is left unsaid, and the sellers has delivered and you do nothing, 3 days the gig will be marked as completed and the seller will receive the money.

Fiverr has taken many steps to ensure both sellers and buyers are protected to the best of fiverrs ability. So dont allow this negative issue stop you from using or recommending fiverr as overall, fiverr.com is a good site and there are many sellers doing the ‘right’ thing.

As for support, they do eventually get back to you, it may take up to about a week, but you will eventually get a reply and once they investigate any issue put forward to them, they take the correct steps to make it right - be that for seller or buyer.

I hope this helps in some way :slight_smile:




little bit confuse !! :-?