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Horrible customer support (none!)

I submitted a logo design order on Thursday, Sept 29. Seller replied with first draft logo on Friday, Sept. 30. We reviewed over the weekend (we are a global company and have to get overseas approval) and on Monday, Oct 3, I tried sending a revision request only to find out that my order was marked “order complete”. I tried contacting the seller but couldn’t do it on his profile page or using my inbox. The ‘send’ button was deactivated. I tried contacting customer support only to find out that there isn’t customer support. No phone number, no email, no online chat…nothing! Only a customer support ticket form that keeps sending you to the ‘problem resolving suggestions’. WOW, this stinks. Not good for businesses and especially global businesses that have to deal with time zones and challenging communications issues. Need to be THREE BUSINESS DAYS at least and there should be an online chat service at least!

I buy and sell and the ticket system works. It sounds like you aren’t finishing the ticket. You can ignore the suggested resolutions and send the ticket. A CS rep will write back and lately they’re very fast.

When a seller delivers an order, it states right on the page that it will auto-complete in 3 days. You can make the clock stop by hitting the revision button to stop the clock. I don’t know why you didn’t do that if you had to wait over a weekend and let the timer run out. You needed to hit the revision button before you went offline over the weekend, not after.

You don’t necessarily need to contact the seller. See if the resolution center is still available to you. If, so, try to initiate a cancellation. The seller may have left Fiverr. If so, just finish a ticket to Customer Support. The only last issue you have is that since the seller delivered a logo as promised and you didn’t activate the revision request immediately, technically you got what you paid for. Since the work was done and you chose to let the time run out, CS doesn’t owe you a refund. I don’t know if they’ll give you one just because you waited too long or not.