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Horrible experience... I wont be back

Since Fiverr doesn’t give buyers the ability to communicate with anyone but the seller, this will be the first and last time I use this service. I purchased a YouTube video intro for $30 that was supposed to be delivered in 24 hours. Five hours after placing my order he asks me to extend the 24 hours that he advertised, and that I paid for, out to 72 hours. He was late on the delivery so I filed a dispute. He then, of course, delivered a file 19 hours later. It didn’t contain half of the elements that I purchased like transparent backgrounds and text overlays. Now it has been three additional days (we’re on day 4) and I can’t get this guy to even answer a single email.

This is so very sad because I know that there is a lot of talented people who work here as freelancers. It’s just not worth it to me to weed through them, spend time and money to make it happen, only to be frustrated enough to leave and never come back.

Sorry about your bad experience!

This part isn’t true, though. Buyers can also communicate with Customer Support.

You can always contact a seller before placing an order by clicking on the green button called “Contact Me” which is available on a seller’s profile.


You can apply filters to narrow down your search.

Good Luck!!